Nancy Larson for Ohio 41

A message from Nancy:

The results are in: My name is the one that doesn’t have a check mark by it today, but I don’t consider myself the only one who lost. Who else lost are the women of my district (and Ohio), the public school system, our Lake Erie, workers, and most definitely our democracy.

My team and I ran an outstanding campaign, focused on the positive things I would bring to the table. I am exceedingly proud of the way we campaigned and of my team of volunteers who worked so hard in this election. I’m very grateful for the support we had from the voters who turned out. THANK YOU, ALL!

I ask that we keep looking for ways to impact our community in positive ways. I know that’s hard the morning after such tremendous efforts have already been expended. Surely we do need to rest some! But we’re moving into a future with one-party rule that is even more firmly entrenched in our state capitol, along with the extreme corruption and unaccountability that has brought and will certainly continue to bring.

I promise that my efforts to work for life, liberty and the pursuit of justice for all will not stop with this defeat. There is so much work to do. Please continue to join me on the journey.